I was on the phone with one the other day – a crossdressing slut who loved to be called a loser. It was a lot of fun. I have found there are different types of crossdressers, and their reasons for wanting to wear women’s clothes vary.   Some take it very seriously – and I love to talk with them about how to make it better, make-up tips or just general girl talk about clothes or what have you to assist and guide you through.

Also, though, I talk to many who like to do it for just fun as well – and they like to crossdress rather trampy or slutty and see it as more of a crossdressing fetish than anything, and I say to them, well bless your heart sweetie! Now put on some fishnet stockings, slut.

I’ve noticed too – some just like to play around and wear panties and take it no farther than that. Kind of like crossdressing lite, and they like to feel how panties feel around their cocks and their ass. Mmm… such a sensual feeling!

I love to explore all kinds of crossdressing and I love to talk about it as well – and I love to give assignments.  But, my most favorite, is forcing you to do it – especially if you are into it. Forced feminization is such an erotic topic, and I love to put it into action if you have the clothes with you, and also, you can turn on your cam for me to watch!!