I got off a great call this morning about milking men in a stable – where the men had to cum twice a day and the semen was used to make a wrinkle cream in high demand. Can you imagine? You’d be forced to masturbate twice a day, or have the women come in and milk you so that they can extract that of which is precious to them – your cum. *laughs*  I really love that fantasy. There is something about preventing a man from cumming and making him beg for release that I find very exciting!

I have to say, I enjoy teasing and then when the release does come – it is very powerful feeling I have when I watch it all ooze out and then, I get to start the process all over again.

I love using my different methods of teasing and denial too to drive men crazy – it really is a mind thing. 😉

I will be taking calls all day and into the evening, for those who are interested in having a session with me! Also, don’t forget, if you can’t make a call due to privacy issues, you are always welcome to do a erotic chat session with me by going to sexytexting.com and making a payment for however long of time you need. You may contact me at spoiledbratangelica@yahoo.com to make arrangements. Also, you can reach me for phone sessions at 800-356-6169 .

I’ll talk to you soon, strokers, and I’d love to tease you until your balls turn blue!

Ms Angelica