I would make a sexy nurse. That’s why I like the medical fetish!

So What is the Medical Fetish?

A medical fetish is a kinky fantasy of going to the doctor, and getting prodded, probed, stuck and tested in various ways. I had a call yesterday where a man came in and was given an exam in gynecological  stirrups. Others come in for a “cock exam“, while others like to be anally probed.

Can you Imagine Me as a Nurse?

Oh yes, the classic white nurse’s outfit with cleavage showing. Short. High heels and white fish net stockings. Wouldn’t you love that image when you are getting a kinky physical? Mmmmm. That’s what the medical fetish is all about ….

Most Common

I believe the most common of the medical fetish is anal probing. Many of you want to be poked and probed and your prostate checked … haha! Sure you do. I’m sure if you do get your prostate checked, you wish to have a sexy nurse doing it right? It would make it so much more fun and kinky!

If You Love It

So if you are into the medical fetish, what aspect of it do you love? Are you into more unusual aspects of it? I would like to hear about your fantasy. Perhaps we can role-play it out. I love role-play, and I do enjoy playing a doctor or a nurse. I’m not sure what is sexier, but I do believe playing a doctor puts me more in a position of power play. LOL!  If I love anything, I love power play.

So let me hear about your thoughts on this. I would really love to know!

Mistress Angelica