It’s that time again – one of my most favorite holidays of the year – Halloween! I love this time of year because I always get great halloween ideas, pictures and stories from those who love to dress up. I find that cross dressers and sissies seem to come out of the woodwork with their ideas of what they are going to wear – and yes – it’s usually something where they can express themselves as a woman of some sort! So what I’d like to hear about is what are my sissies and cross dressers doing this year? What are your ideas and your plans?

Now, I know that Halloween is a fun time for everyone – and to those of you who love to be really teased – I’m going to go as a scantily clad Jane of Tarzan – you know – the leopard skin short, short dress and looking like a jungle woman. Just imagine me in that outfit and drool…. and just know that I’m going to be shaking my sweet little ass all over some Halloween parties come up and cock teasing the hell out of the boys!

So give me some ideas of what you are going to be for Halloween, and if you have any sexy adventures planned – just anything – let me know. I always enjoy a good Halloween kinky story as I have some ideas of what I am going to do come Halloween night with my boyfriend.

Feel free to send me pictures of your costume, or, keep some of our sessions Halloween-themed, that would be fun too just to switch things up!

Contact me for a skype session if you wish at spoiledangelica or message me at spoiledbratangelica on yahoo.  People always ask me – why are you spoiled? Well, I am spoiled to big cock and I’m just a spoiled girl in general.

With Teasing Desires – Angelica