Is it going to be a lucky or unlucky day for you? Well, I assume the only way to figure that out is to call me and I will see if I want to give you luck or not …. is lady luck on your side? Or is Angelica going to make your sexual visit full of long, throbbing phone sex!

I also thought of another thing – I do enjoy cuckolds. I don’t think I have ever mentioned that – but I do love how I can take a much more tiny man and make him into my submissive pet. A toy I can play with! *giggles* Who says men with little pee-wees can’t be fun? I always have a lot for them to do around the house, and the humiliation is delightful! I really do love to laugh and the more a man can amuse me, the better!

I have thought about what humiliation is – and I really think the sole purpose of it is to make me laugh! What better way to keep me entertained, right? I love to strip a man of his dignity, or I love to bring him to his knees. I can think of several ways I have done this recently. I was out recently at a house party with some friends when I had some geek approach me asking if I would give out my phone number. He followed me around this party for what it seemed like hours, and kept saying how beautiful I was. Although I was nice to him and sent him rather flirtatious smiles, as I am a nice girl – I finally had to let him have it during the 5 hour stalking process. He was short – I’d say 5’8″ – and while I am small in stature – around 5’4″, he was not tall enough for me. Everything about him just seemed to announce that his, ahem, member was small. I walked toward him and threw myself at him, became VERY hot to trot and told him this: “You know, I’m really wanting to get out of here – and I’m feeling, you know, hot – do you have what it takes to please me tonight? I really hope so!” His face seemed to turned all colors of the rainbow, and I backed away from him saying disappointedly, “Oh. I guess not. Next time you follow a girl around the party for 5 hours… keep in mind you don’t have what it takes to really please a girl…”. Then I added, “But my boyfriend would love it if you came over tonight and he could show you how big he is!” Flustered – he left and went to the bathroom. I laughed. I can only imagine what happened there. I’m sure he had a big mess to clean up.

Later jerk offs! – Angelica