I cuckolded my boyfriend this past weekend – which was very erotic and hot.  I’ve been too busy to blog about it until now.  I had selected a nice big boy to come over and fuck me in front of my boyfriend. It was a lot of fun!  My boyfriend enjoyed watching as I was getting it from all different angles …

If you want to hear it in more detail – well, you gotta give me a call and I will tell you so much more.

I do love to cuckolding and I want to talk to you about it more in detail – such as what you have done, and what you’d like to do in cuckolding.

Besides that – I still want to control your cock. Hee hee – and I can do that while I’m cuckold you too …. can you imagine? You can watch and still not cum and I think cuckoldry can be combined with all kinds of other fetishes and sexual things like: Bondage, sissification, cock control, masturbation guidance, and all sorts of other things I’m sure I can’t think of right now.  😛

I’m around this weekend and I will probably cuckold my boyfriend and if you call at the right time – I’ll be able to tell you alllll about it.  I’m sure you’d love it. In fact, I KNOW you’d love it.

Well, I’m going to go back and listen to the new Eminem album – of which I love very much! Guess you didn’t know a little blonde Princess loved to listen to rap, did ya?  Well I do!

Give your Princess a call.