I just had a phone sex session this morning where I teased someone who pictures of porn and video. It’s fun going to various porn sites and teasing you with lots of porn clips and pictures where you are to just sit there and view them, and be cock edged many many times.  It’s sooo much fun.  Anytime you want to do with that me, I have a couple of porn sites to show you that are free, and I can send you clips online while we are on the phone and then I can tease you without mercy!  You’ll love it.

Also, I get to watch it with you and then tell you that I’m the girl in the porn and that’s what I am doing to another guy – but maybe I will give that kind of treatment to you, or maybe I won’t – it depends on if you are a good boy or not.  But I think it’s glorious for me to edge you over and over like that until you can’t take it anymore – and until your cock is about to burst at the seams. (laughs)

Doesn’t that sound like a good way to spend time with your Mistress Angelica?

I thought so.

So pick up the phone and give me a call so I can tease you until you squirm.  Give that cock to me, and I’ll make sure I make you do all sorts of things for me!

I’ll be around all day – so be sure to look for me.

Ms Angelica