Let’s face it – some men are disrespectful. I will encounter it at least once a week whether it’s out in public, or, sometimes on the phone. I can always tell someone who thinks they are a submissive but really aren’t.  This is why I LOVE giving blue balls to someone to make sure they understand what it’s really like to be submissive.

How Does Giving Blue Balls Lead to Submission?

If someone is downright rude, I won’t take their call – period. But, if there are little habits that you’re not aware you are doing like, cutting me off during the conversation, not addressing Me as Mistress, trying to top from the bottom, or just not being courteous to me – then, I can offer room for improvement. If you don’t want to take my guidance – then why, so-called submissive, are you here?

So … I digress. Blue balls.

Denying a man an orgasm will indeed straighten him up.  I love to hear the begging and desperation when I deny a man and I am trying to correct him.

“Please Mistress, may I cum?”


“But why?”

“Because you are naughty and disrespectful. Only Good Boys get to cum…. ”

What Makes a VERY GOOD BOY?

Respect, good listening skills and eager to please the woman you are worshipping or with. We don’t live in a society anymore where women will be disrespected. In fact, I would say that Mistresses are busier than ever because many men are starting to finally get it. I got a call from K the other day in which he discussed that he feels women are starting to take over more and more. I agree. We are police officers, we are in government, and we are taking over jobs as the ball-busting CEO. I just decided to opt for a more fun career in being a Mistress who gets to talk to submissives. I love it.

But what does this all have to do with blue balls? Well, if you’re not a good boy – you don’t get to have sex, you don’t get to cum. PERIOD. In fact, I’ve locked my boyfriend up in the past for being naughty.

The Story of Chastity and Blue Balls

My boyfriend was watching way too much porn. To the point that it started to seep into our sex life and I had already told him to stop. In fact, I had told him to watch it once a week but because he can’t control himself – it was twice, then three times, and then way too much because I was monitoring his computer. Naughty boy. That wasn’t going to fly.

One morning, I snuck in while he was still sleeping, peeled back the sheets and blanket and proceeded to lock him up. Of course, he woke up and asked me what I was doing …. but I didn’t let that stop me. I got it on as quickly as I could and took the key and kept it on a chain around my neck. At night, I locked up the chain and key in a small safe and I didn’t let him cum for a month. I was able to not only get his attention, but I broke his porn habit.

Then, after, he was paying attention to me more and having sex with me when I wanted. Too much porn is often bad for a relationship – so taken men – take note! If your woman desires sex, attention, adoration, respect – GIVE IT TO HER. Always. And respect? That’s always a given no matter what.

If you are in need to discipline – Im the woman to come to. I will set you straight for her!

Mistress Angelica