Hi boys!

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been super busy. But I do have to tell you about some fun things I’ve witnessed lately on Skype …. I love humiliating you on cam.. and lately, OH MY GOD! I’ve been laughing so hard at the things I’ve been witnessing lately.  Just the other day, I saw some very funny things take place on Skype – one of which one guy was holding his iPad in the hallway of a hotel while wearing nothing but these ridiculous, over-frilly panties. His little dicklet sure was hard though! The humiliation of it all. Hey, he told me: “humiliate me”. So I did.

Humiliation and Cum Eating

Not to mention the cum eater that graces my presence every so often. He not only eats his cum, he makes it an art. I’ve seen him drizzle it on creme brûlée, and on gourmet ice cream. It’s like a dream for cum eaters. He’s a gourmet chef in the cum-inary arts!

I also witness a humiliation Skype call where, actually several, they showed off their tiny dicks. There are actually a lot of big beautiful cocks out there, and I have witnessed many that are amazing in person … but on cam… wow. I mean, I didn’t realize there were so many tiny, useless ones out there! I just laugh and laugh when I see one. The other day, I was graced with a presence of a “3 incher” that I swore was smaller than what he said. I made him get out a measuring tape he had, and it actually measured out to be 2.5 inches. I laughed as he tried to explain it must have shrank from when he last measured it …..

My favorite is the cuckold who suspects his wife is cheating on him, and I made him go get her panties to inspect the evidence. He told me that he thought her panties smelled of another man … and that’s when I made him lick the crotch of it. The dirty bitch. He had it coming anyway. Not to mention, I saw that little cock … well, all I have to say is, no wonder she’s out fucking around!

So, suffice to say, if you want to be humiliated, you know where to find me on Skype: spoiledangelica

That’s where I will be glad to humiliate you all the live long day and laugh too!

M. Angelica