I love to do humiliation calls. There’s something about making you do what I want that is just so ….. hilarious!  What’s even funnier is when I ask – what do you find humiliating? and you come up with ideas that is humiliating to you. Or when you leave it to me to just humiliate you and I come up with outlandish ideas like making you stand on your porch in panties so your neighbors and all of nature can see what you are wearing.  *laughs*

Last night was fun humiliating someone dressed in a pink skirt and eating baby food. I thought it was great!  It’s always funny watching someone choke and sputter through creamy sweet potatoes .. ewww.

Humiliating you makes me feel powerful, it makes me feel like I have a lot of control over you.  And, trust me, I can think of a billion ways to humiliate you by forcing you to cross dress, making you show yourself off, making you fuck yourself with a gigantic dildo, making you bark like a dog and whimper for me.. and all sort of things.  You know you’d love to do anything just to cum – so, you’ll go through hell just to cum to my voice and my body, won’t you?  Yep. I thought so.

I will be taking your calls all day, so I will be around to humiliate your silly ass and I will have a fun time doing it too – laughing all the while!  Give me a call and entertain me!

M Angelica