I love humiliation calls.  When I get someone who calls in that wants humiliation – I feel like, wow, this is going to be fun!  Just taking a guy and making fun of his penis, or dressing him up in in girly clothes seems like therapy to me – and entertaining.   Guys always love to send pictures of  their penis, or turn on their cam to show it off and I can’t help but giggle at how ridiculously small some of you are!

It would be fun if there were some national contest as to who has the smallest penis. The winner would have to wear a little ribbon his penis and have pictures taken and published all over the newspapers, the internet. I think it would be a national sensation. *laughs*

Lots of  girls have been writing essays around LDW, and Ms Elizabeth wrote one on small penis humiliation.  Check it out, it’s very good and gives perspective to how  small dicked men think! It’s curious to see what direction men with small penises go in – sometimes they just like to be laughed at, others love to be cuckolded  while others like to be dressed – either forced, or otherwise.  I did a fantasy the other day where a small dicked man was forced to dress like a ballerina, and then made to dance in public.  Then I got a strap on and fucked him on stage, where everyone he knew looked on and laughed.

Yes, I do love to humiliate and I love to do  fantasy roleplay! If any of you are wanting to do a call, look for Me, I will be around all day.

Ms Angelica