How is everyone’s new year going so far? Mine is going quite well and already starting out pretty sexy. For Christmas, I got some pretty fantastic lingerie from my boyfriend and now I am looking around for a new man to cuck him with. My favorite thing to do is to get new lingerie and then not wear it to fuck him, but to find someone else with a tall stature, chiseled features and a gorgeous cock and then fuck him in the new lingerie instead.

What is it about me that I love to taunt and torture cuckolds? I think it’s because many of you (most of you) have small cocks, and you really need to be taught a serious lesson in the inability to pleasure a woman. But there is hope! So much more hope for you than you realize and there are things for you to actually do. So, you’re actually not useless but quite the helpful little cuckie when it comes to Me. Getting me ready for my dates is usually a big help.

Also, the fun doesn’t stop there! If you want to suck a little cock to get my lover hard for me – nothing could please me more. I like a good little cocksucker. Oh you know you love to please me that way, don’t you?

You might want to cover that little cock with some panties because we know exactly why you are in the cuckold position you are in – it’s because you have a tiny little dick, right? So cover it in a shroud of satin panties.

Well, that is all for now my little cuckies! Talk to you soon – Ms Angelica