The Halloween party I told you about was a blast – my costume was a hit, but probably because I had a short toga type of dress that showed off my legs and I notice a lot of boys staring. There was one who in a cock costume – the balls were at his feet and the head of his cock at his head.  I told him I was a cock tease, and it was a funny experience.  I did have a collar and leash with me as I said I would.  I had many boys put the collar on, but not as much as one who was dressed as, ironically enough, a KISS character.  He wanted to be my puppy for the night and lick my shoes. At first, I thought he wasn’t serious but only joking around – then he stayed by me as I sat and drank coke and bacardis.  It was fun, and everyone laughed at him – I poured my drink in a bowl and he drank it.  I got him drunk that way – and at first, he was laughing about it, but the drunker I got him – the more submissive he came. He kept wanting to lick my shoes – which were these strappy goldish/silver heels.  They were pretty sexy, I admit. I do love foot worship!

Anyway, I went to Niagara falls for the weekend and it was very chilly!!

I will be around for calls – so if you are up for one, I’d love for you to be my submissive puppy too.

M Angelica