Hello – this is my first entry into my blog, since I ended my semester at school – I’m glad I finally found time to get it going!
A little about me – I just graduated with a writing major! Yay!
Since I have worked as a sexy phone girl – I have to say I have enjoyed it! I’ve always been a natural tease, and I have to say that some find me innocent and sweet, but then discover I have another side to me which is a little cruel, teasing and seeing men pant is something I dream about.
Speaking of panting, I’ve been going to a pool that is a couple of blocks from me lately. I bought a bikini and there are some guys that go there regularly. I have been putting on oils in front of them by the pool, and I flirt with them a lot. I know the one guy thinks I might end up going back to his place – he’s always tripping over his own cock to get to me. lol!
I am very nice and friendly (flirty) to him, which gives him the idea that I’m going to somehow do something with him, but he’s so wrong. I ask him things such as if he has a girlfriend, does he like my bikini, I talk about my tan, I brush my long blonde hair in front of him at the pool, rub oil on my body as he watches and then look over at him and smile. I guess this is why I’m an angel and a hellion….. 🙂
I look forward to getting to know all of you in the calls!