Here is a twist on a cuckold fantasy –  this was hot where I actually got myself a little treat that does not come around too often and leads to a question i have at the end.

Big cock CUCK boy, or “BCCB” as I nicknamed him, is so hot on intense cuck play and he called back around this time, I switched it up a little and he came so hard –  all I heard was a loud bang and nothing else for a minute.  I thought he passed out but just he had dropped the phone

The fantasy scenario took place with me picking up a sexy hispanic girl who looked like Sofia Vergara (you know the one from Modern Family?)  in a bar and bringing her home as my toy

I made BCCB stand in the corner as i slowly stripped maria out of her tight fitting dress bra and panties.  I then slipped a sexy pair of black satin and lace crotchless panties on her and made her get on all fours with that fine juicy ass in the air.

Poor BCCB was then instructed to tell me every detail of that nice olive skin ass and panties as I slowly stripped down to my teal satin thong.  I then ordered him to take off his belt and give it to me and he had to stand and stroke his cock.  I stood back back and held that nice thick black leather belt in my hand, first inhaling the smell of leather to get me all wet then cracking it down on marias fine round ass.  I made BCCB stroke as many times as those ass cheeks wiggled with each blow.

The deal he made was if he cums before she cried that he would get me a treat from my wish list.  Poor BCCB little does he know how good a spanking this sexy latina could take and after the 19th smack of the belt with each one having 8 wiggles or strokes for him he couldn’t take it and exploded.

I am now waiting for my present –  laughs!  I really do love dominating beautiful women as much as men.  I am just a dominant woman all around.  And yes bccb had to lick that cum up off the floor like a good CUCK to please his mistress he is such a fun obedient slut

Now my question is do you sluts like the look of a Blonde dominant woman or a dark hair submissive girl?  Blondes are always fun and in control, in my opinion!


Ms Angelica!