I get a lot of cuckoldry calls.  Often times, these calls are wrought with concern over how to make it happen, or even if should happen at all.

Cuckoldry: Should I Do it or Not?

This question I get asked often. It all depends on what you can handle. Are you able to handle it? What if the jealousy is too much for you? Or the emotional turmoil? Or what if you just need to be schooled in what you need to be doing anyway? I mean, let’s face it – you feel you need to be cuckolded because your wife or girlfriend is simply not satisfied.

Why is She Not Satisfied?

Well, simple. You have a little cock, don’t you? Even if you have an average sized cock, I would imagine that you ejaculate prematurely or you just suck at sex. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of that. So why should your girl suffer because you suck at sex? Exactly. Let her have some fun too.

What Next?

Discuss it with your girl. Is this something she even wants to do? If she does, then, it’s time to find someone suitable for her to fuck. Go to clubs, let her flirt, let her have fun. She can dress sexy and live out her fantasies for once. It’s definitely time!  Now how you handle that is up to you: Do you want to watch? Or do you want to let her fuck without you around? Maybe she can tell you about it later. Or, maybe you can give some great cunnilingus and clean out her pussy later. How involved you want to depend on how submissive you are, and what you can/can’t handle.

Still having issues or have questions? Or maybe you just want to role-play to try it on for size. Give me a call! I’d love to talk to you about it.