My, what interesting times we live in. What’s a princess to do during lockdown when she is used to getting her fair share of cock?  Not to fear, my dear submissives….

Cuckolding During Shut Down

So I’m out here in Cali and the whole state is in lock down until late July, I believe. At this point, I’ve watched all the Netflix I can watch and all the porn I can handle. I have been shut in with a rather hot guy and we had our fun, but, I think I might be getting bored? My boyfriend was in another state so I was cuckolding him the entire time and telling him that he was missing out. Although, I did what I could to include him on Skype calls, etc so he could watch. I want my boyfriend here but – I learned he’s coming back tomorrow! He’s been good about being germ-free, so I can have him here to watch me with my hot guy and slowly, but surely, things are getting back to normal – at least in this house.

Missing Cream Pies – Pussy Licking Style

I told my boyfriend that he has a lot to catch up on with licking up cream pies and that he must get back to that immediately! Besides the sex with a hot guy with a big cock, I have to say that having my boyfriend between my legs is something I have missed. I WANT him to lick out those cream pies badly. So he knows Im waiting. Have you ever licked out a cream pie? Did you enjoy it? Or do you dream about it?

Cuckoldry is the Best Lifestyle for Dommes and Subs Alike

If you have been on the fence about this submissive lifestyle and you have found the right woman, or couple to do it with, come talk to me about it. As long as boundaries and rules are set so that everyone is comfortable there is no reason for hesitation and remember, communication is so important in cuckolding! Without it, things can become quite confusing. But that’s why I’m here – I’m the cuckold queen if you didn’t know.

M. Angelica