There are a lot of cock suckers out there. I mean, a lot. A lot. A lot. 🙂    I’m not complaining in the least,  I think it’s exciting and fun and if you didn’t try something different, the world would be completely boring.

Cuckolding My Boyfriend

Which brings me to what has been happening lately with cuckolding my boyfriend. We have had a guy coming over lately, and he is so smoking hot! Muscular build, gorgeous eyes, and of course – his amazing cock. Well, let’s just say I was pretty naughty last weekend and I made my boyfriend suck the other guy to prepare him for me. He had never done it before, and I enjoyed watching it happen. After, my cock whipped boyfriend sat in a corner and watched as the well hung guy fucked me in every direction imaginable. Love it!

Handcuffs and Bondage

I forgot to mention that I handcuffed my boyfriend’s wrists behind his back as he was unable to touch himself or hardly even move. I’m so evil. But, I needed to enjoy my moment without worrying about whether he was touching himself or not. When I did look over a couple of times, I noticed that his little prick was as hard as a rock. Afterwards, I took a glass of ice water and doused his little pinky dick – making it a little frozen dicksicle. LOL

Are you a Cock Sucker?

Which brings me to my next curiosity and question :  how many of you would love to suck cock, have sucked cock, or just think and fantasize about it but don’t do anything about it? Huh? How about it? Tell me.


M. Angelica!