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Cuckoldry and BBC

Are you into cuckoldry and BBC? You know – Big. Black. Cock.  I just love all that, and if you are into it too, then, we will get along just fine.

What is it About Cuckoldry?

I think all kinds of people love cuckoldry, and it doesn’t always necessarily mean that you have a small cock either. It could mean that you love it other men are wanting to fuck your wife or girlfriend, and that’s enough to turn you on. Or, maybe you can’t get as hard anymore as you used to. Perhaps you ejaculate prematurely. Maybe you’re just bad in bed. Whatever the reason is, cuckoldry is both a hot topic for many couples.

Why I Love It

Well, I do it for the big cock – that’s why. I love to also play around with different men too for the different feelings and experiences. I think I can say that on behalf of all cuckoldresses, and not only that, I can also tell my boyfriend all about it later. I think that it helps us both to be super turned on about what is going on. If he’s not there to watch first, that is!

Cuckolding and Fantasy

It’s okay if you can’t handle the real thing. Fantasy is always a good substitution for something that you can’t do for real, and in our sexual fantasies, we can go wherever we want to go with no consequences whatsoever. That’s the beauty of it. Especially if you have an unattainable fantasy that can’t turn into reality! I always love to hear about cuckold fantasies.


2 comments to Cuckoldry and BBC

  • I love cuckolding. It’s for sure one of my very favorite fantasies. Literally, I think that if more men knew how sexy it is to some of us, they’d be out looking for BBC’s to make us happy. Oh, now that’s a nice thought! A BBC delivery service 🙂

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have had numerous women cuckold me throughout my life .Then after all that time i came to realize it is because of my tiny useless clitty

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