I love getting cuckold calls, and even more I love cuckolding my boyfriend – I’ve done it a few times and I find it to be a very fulfilling and sexually gratifying experience!  I have cuckolded my current boyfriend a few times, and we both enjoy it – he’s very into it and he loves to watch me – usually with a much bigger guy.

I think he loves to watch me because he knows himself that the type of guys I bring home are usually much bigger, and he loves seeing me satisfied.  I also get other satisfactions as well – I usually put him in a pair of my panties, and I also like to cock tease him and I don’t let him cum until he has cleaned me out – of course, cream pies are his most favorite thing – he loves cleaning me out.  One of the best parts is he is always buying me lingerie for my special dates – and it’s fun trying on all those sexy clothes.

If you do have cuckold stories, or you like to do fantasies or hear about my experiences – give me a call, I’d love to talk to you about it and hear what you have been up to, or what you have been thinking.  Mmmm, I really can’t wait!

I will be around all this week and weekend to take your calls, so be sure to look for me and we can have some fun on the phone! I will talk to you soon!

M Angelica