Just got off a fantastic cuckolding calls. It was more him divulging his story and details of what is happening in his life and it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one who has done cuckolding for real in my past! He was telling me his wife is fucking some other guy and has for a few months. Only issue is, she is falling in love with the bull. Yikes! It happens.  Especially to women who are new to the lifestyle. It’s easy to fall in love with a muscular guy with a big, thick veiny cock. Plus, the guy I was talking with was kind of a wimpy dude with a small cock.  He is really kind of sad about this and I told him that he should have set down some rules! There are ways to go about cuckolding without actually losing everything.

Set Your Cuckolding Boundaries

If you are new to this, there are ways to set boundaries with your wife and girlfriend. Tricks of the trade so that she doesn’t run off with him – the bull and have about 5 of his babies. Unless, of course, this is your thing. I have talked with cucks who WANT their wives or girlfriends to have the bull’s babies. It’s a turn on. Especially if they hook up with black guys. I won’t be listing what all the rules/ boundaries are here of what I think works in keeping her from running off, but, you can always find out more and have an in-depth conversation with me.

Are You Going to Watch Or Nah?

I always ask if you are going to be cuckolded, are you going to watch? Some guys LOVE this and others do not – not that don’t want to – but they want to “stay out of the way” in order to let them have their private time. I get it. But I always encourage watching because then, you know exactly what is going on. You know your place. You know all the details.

How Will You Be Involved in Cuckolding?

Have you given thought to this? No, the central idea is to not have a threesome, but, you can do things as the role of the cuckold. Do you want to suck his cock and make it hard for her? If you do, don’t get stingy! Just be the fluffer. Do you want to lick her pussy before or after? Will there be condoms involved? Will you rub her feet?  How much you want to be involved in cuckolding is ultimately up to you and your girl/ Mistress.

There’s a lot to think about with being cuckolded so keep in mind that I’m always here to do an in-depth session with you concerning your questions, concerns, role-plays, or just a conversation on how this has taken place or will take place.

Talk to you soon! Mistress Angelica