Ah, my favorite topic: cuckolding. I have so much experience with it, I should be awarded a special trophy. In the shape of a cock. So speaking of, I’ve been talking to a lot of sissies lately who absolutely love cuckoldry.

Why Do Sissies Like Being Cuckolded?

Well, the reason that I typically get is because they have small cocks, are effeminate anyway or just plain bad at sex. Is that you? All of it? Or just one? Let’s face it, some boys were not meant to have sex with women. So if you have a little penis, have a fascination with wearing women’s clothes or are just bad at sex – chances are, you are a good candidate to be cuckolded. Also, do you have a fascination with BBC? You know – BIG. BLACK. COCK.

I know I do.

What is Your Role in Cuckoldry?

Think about it. Would you want to suck a cock and get it ready? Would you want to do a cream pie? Would you want to just watch? Have you ever thought of what your role might be and how involved you would be? Think on it and get back to me. I’d love to know.

What I Can Do for You During Your Cuckold Call

I talk to a lot of cuckolds, or those that want to be. Sometimes I am hear to simply listen and other times I give guidance when asked questions on how to start and proceed. And of course, role-play! Role-play is great for cuckold calls too, of course. And because I have a ton of experience in it, I know how this goes and what to do and say. It’s up to you to fill in the answers when you call me and I ask questions.

So talk to me. What do you love about cuckolding?

M. Angelica