I talk about cuckolding on this blog a lot. It’s my passion because I walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. I recently spoke with a long-time caller of mine that we will call PDL (pin-dick loser).  I have been on his journey and via his different relationships with women for quite awhile – 8 years? 10 years? As I said, awhile. Awhile back, he was in a relationship and the girlfriend found our chat via Skype. He called him out and it became so crazy, he had to leave. I didn’t know about this until much later.

Big Black Cocks Are Always the Rage

She found out he is into big black cocks and dreamed of seeing her fucked by one as he watched. Kinky, right? He even had his own dildo and I would watch him on Skype and he would suck it for me, etc.  She found it all. Guys – if you are going to keep a kink hidden from your girl because you’re too embarrassed to reveal it to her, hide your kink well! Erase Skype messages and clear out your browser history of the faggot, big black cock, cuckold porn – or whatever it is you are trying to hide. I know most of you try to live a vanilla life, but come on.

Now He is REALLY Being Cuckolded

As I stated earlier, I’ve been on this journey with PDL for years and he’s married now to another woman. His life started out in the same vanilla fashion and he hid his kink from her too.  Guess what? Same thing. She found his Skype history and saw our conversations online via text sessions and how he called me – once again revealing to yet another woman about his cuckold fantasies.  I mean, I adore this guy but seriously – didn’t you learn the first time? I told him that too and when he reads this blog – he will know it’s him I’m talking about. Good ol’ PDL. Just didn’t learn your lesson did you?

She Took Big Black Cock Action

I’ve talked to him on Skype where I saw him and saw his small penis. One day, we both decided to go through her panty drawer – and what did we find? VERY sexy panties he had never seen before and also he had gone through her text messages and found pictures of herself in very promiscuous poses in naughty lingerie of which he’d never seen – the photos OR the lingerie. I said – she is for sure cheating on you. If you have never seen that lingerie, and you’ve never been sent THOSE photos – you can be assured, she’s cheating. Later on, videos popped up of her going down on a big black cock. And then recently? A video of her being fucked from behind.  I saw it all. Oh, I forgot to mention the anal plug we both saw that he had never seen before. I told him, “She is having anal sex“.  “She’s never had anal sex with me…..”, he stated. I mean – LOL.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I always say this to pretty much any one of you who is trying to hide a secret. Your crossdressing clothes, your porn views, your Grindr app. The odds are against you. The more you do something, the chances of you getting caught get higher. I’m Pandora’s box. I’ll keep your secrets for you and never tell – but, I will also laugh at you if your wife or girlfriend finds out and your kinkiest fantasies end up coming true. Now, PDL is heart-wretched, jealous and horny all at the same time. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of her. She’s hot and naughty and she is what I would classify as a hot wife.

My final note here: erase your history, and tell me all your dirty secrets. I LOVE THEM.

Mistress Angelica

P.S. Want to be my next feature on my next blog post? Tell me your dirty secrets. I will never reveal names, locations, photos or screenshots but I will share with the world how funny, naughty, and dirty you are. You can also contact me on Skype: spoiledangelica  where we can have text sessions.