Cuckolding has always been a topic of fascination for me, and it’s mainly because I have been cuckolding for awhile now.

This morning I had a great cuckolding call involving someone who is relatively new to it – three weeks in. Prior to that, his wife had been cheating on him.

What Would You Do if She Was Cuckolding You?

How he had found out was he had busted into her journal. For starters, I do not condone you snooping around in your significant others journal…. but at the same time, I’m not one to keep a journal out in the open with my most precious thoughts.

So I’m not sure who’s at fault, but, I did let him know it probably isn’t a good idea to go snooping into her journal.

How Would You Feel?

So what does he do once he reads the page where she had been taking a very big cock? He ejaculates on it.

Yes. He did.

You read that right. Now, at first, he was quite jealous. After, he became very turned on. It was then that he had realized he liked being cheated on.

She Takes the Reins and Dominates

What happened next, I laughed about. His wife then found the cum stain on her page, and put 2 and 2 together and then confronted him. From then on, she said, “You know what? You read my journal, you now know what I have been doing, therefore, I’m going to fuck this guy with an 8 inch cock anytime I want.”

Suffice to say, little cuckold didn’t feel disappointed, but more so what his role should be now.

Where I Come in as a Mistress

Well this is my area of expertise. My job is to make sure you are placed properly in your new role. I had told him he did, in fact, have a choice. He could become a cock sucker, or, he could be the connoisseur of cream pies.

He had asked if he could be involved in a menage a trois. I laughed. Really? If she had wanted your little prick in the first place, she would have not cheated on you seeking after a bigger cock!

The nerve.

As of now, little cuckold is still trying to find his place and I will help him.

But remember, you always have a role in your new submissive lifestyle.