For those of you who know me best – you know I love to cuckold! Recently, I started venturing into putting my boyfriend in panties when I am with another man. I decided to try this when I was away a couple of weeks ago, visiting friends in upstate New York, and leaving my boyfriend back home in Southern Cali.  I have some old boyfriends in my old stomping grounds that I love to hook up with when I visit. So before I left Cali, I went shopping and bought my boyfriend some nice panties from a sweet boutique. Ever see those Elle MacPherson panties? They are great quality and I have plenty of my own. So I told him, you have to wear these the entire week I am gone and I am going to require you to snap photos daily to prove you have them on – and I want them in an instant!  Well, he loved it. Nice silky lacy panties he had to wear while I was away and fucking my ex-boyfriend, and of course, I told him all about it!

Did He Love Wearing Panties While I Cuckolded Him from a Distance?

Of course he did!  In fact, he wants more. So I told him, okay, I will buy you more and I will for sure fly in my ex-boyfriend so you can watch in person. I always explained how big he was to him, and I want him to see for himself. My boyfriend is a sweet boy, but there is nothing like a big juicy cock!  So the panties, yes, we will be buying more of them soon!

To My Feminization Sissies

I’ve been having a great time feminizing some of my favorite sissies! When you call me and we can discuss make-up, clothes, boys, or what have you – I feel like I’m talking to one of my girlfriends. Then, if things get steamy, out come the toys or whatever you have to play with  – or whatever I have to play with in a phone sex fantasy! I think it’s a lot of fun even going through scenarios with you. So Caitlyn, thank you for the long call the other day! It was a blast 🙂

M. Angelica