I love talking about cuckolding. I am a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to sex, so I find myself getting wrapped up in the fantasy of cuckold. I think, if I ever get married, I will have a husband who is into that because I can so see myself getting hot over a man having sex with me while the man I love watches. I think it’s incredible. I think even thinking about it, planning it, shopping for the evening to find the perfect outfit and everything — it’s all just so highly erotic and knowing what you, the submissive watcher, will have do once I give you the orders is intoxicating! I think if you have a small penis and are married – you should not cage in your wife to be stuck with your small penis. Your poor wife. She needs something better!

Another thing I love doing on calls is watching men stroke their cocks. I have to say, looking and watching different cocks on a given day gives me a wide perspective on what’s out there. I see some some small cock – and small cock humiliation is so much fun. I also see some big ones that I wouldn’t mind stroking myself!

Here in upstate New York – the weather is starting to change slightly and soon the leaves will be turning. Time to get ready for some brutal winter weather coming up soon! I will probably have plenty of phone sex, and plenty of real time sex to keep me warm. 😉

I really love to cook, though, and winter brings out the best of that in me. Perhaps if you come over, though, you can cook for me and serve me – feeding me like the queen I am. I have to say I am a big pasta lover – and I would require you to make it by hand. 😉 If you do that, maybe I’ll really let you finally have sex with me. lol

Ciao. I’m taking calls all weekend!

M. Angelica