Recently, I cuckolded my boyfriend. I have been dating this guy for about three months now, and while that might be too soon to spice things up – I have to say – his cock is teeny weenie. Why am I dating him? I just got the idea that, quite possibly, I could mold him based on the fact he is small. I typically do not date men who are that tiny, but, I want the experience of cuckolding again – as I had done in years past with other men.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying this new and exciting adventure with him because, much to my delight – he is enjoying it!

So, I’d really like to open the communication here. Are you a cuckold? If not, do you wish to be in reality? Or would you like to just fantasize about it? How involved would you like to be? Would you eat cream pies? And would you go as far as sucking his cock to get him ready? Would you spend money on her lingerie and panties, maybe even their dinners?

I like to peer into the lives of what other cuckolds are into – whether real or imagined. It’s a very fascinating topic for me!!

If you need privacy, you can always purchase a text session on and come find me on skype or on yahoo. On yahoo, I am spoiledbratangelica and on skype, I am spoiledangelica. Yes, you heard me. Spoiled. Because I love to fuck…


Princess Angelica