Chronic masturbation is a term I hear a lot about. Since my last post on tease and denial, I had a chronic masturbator that wanted me to make it worse.

And worse I made it.

He says he only masturbates once a day – I told him to increase it by three times a day. Over time, this makes his body crave it more…

Why Chronic Masturbation?

Why do we get addicted to anything? It feels good. Too much cake, too much alcohol, too much sex – it all feels good, man. A lot of us need constant escape from our demanding jobs, demanding kids, demanding spouses. Well, screw all that! Just masturbate instead!

I Once Dated One

A dominant woman such as myself always must make a decision between whether she wants to put a man in chastity, or, make him a chronic masturbator. Chronic edging is a whole other ball game. For starters, it’s up to you. However, if it’s placed in my hands, I will for certain make that decision myself.

I dated a chronic masturbator, and at first we both had fun with it. Then, it became he was masturbating TOO much, so because he put his cock into my hands, I went ahead and put him in a chastity device to control is out-of-control habit.

Which One Do You Prefer?

Would you rather be a chronic masturbator, or one who is locked up in chastity? I think both are actually exciting in their own ways. Both can be painful, and both can be excruciating depending on how far you take it. Buckle up either way!

Right now, I’m in an edging and chronic masturbation mood with a lot of my callers because I find it entertaining to tease and edge for awhile and then make them cum. After, they can catch their breath and start all over again!

So, chronic masturbator – are you on?