I love to be out during the holidays shopping around and watching other guys shop.  I see them milling about and sifting through women’s things sometimes – like in Victoria Secret’s and they are going through the bins or racks of panties and bras – and I often wonder if they are shopping for themselves, or if they are really shopping for their wives.  Since I have been working on the phone lines for awhile, I often wonder who’s wearing panties when, and who is shopping for themselves and not a woman in their lives. I wonder who is a sissy

I sometimes fantasize about going up to certain men in the mall and then grabbing their pants and stripping them down in front of everyone and voila! You’d see him wearing a pair of panties, and he’d be burning with embarrassment, and of course, I’d be pointing and laughing and saying, “I knew it! I knew it!”   He’d then drop his panties he was going to purchase and run out of the mall, but I’d stop him – and make him march right back to the counter to finish purchasing his panties.  And I’d make him announce to everyone in the crowded shopping store that he was a sissy!  Can you just imagine? I think it would be great!

So if you see me in a mall somewhere and I’m staring at you and sizing you up as you sift through the panties, keep in mind that I am wondering.  Or, if any woman is looking at you – know she is probably wondering – and if you are really brave, show her a peek of what you are wearing underneath and see what her reaction is. She might be waiting with a really strap on.

M. Angelica