Recently, I put my boyfriend back in chastity. He was simply masturbating too much and he knows this is a problem and I do too – so out came the silicon device we have with a lock. I simply take the key and hold it on a chain. But it got me to thinking about how to handle the guys I lock up from a distance.

Key Holding and the Solution to Long Distance Training in Chastity

I recently found a solution to this dilemma. I don’t do key holding long distance because keys can get lost in the mail or I could lose them (haha), plus – I don’t have a P.O. Box. But I found a GREAT solution to this. There’s this time-activated box you can lock things into and set the timer for. It could be days, hours, or minutes. In the case of chastity play – days sounds more like the plan.

How it Will Work With Me – Your Mistress

I used to delve into number locks, which works fine, but it does involve daily communication and a picture of your lock so I know you didn’t get out of it. Problem with that is, most guys are lazy and won’t do that. It’s hard to keep track of. In this box, I can always tell you to set the timer for a x amount of days and you take a picture of that. There’s no way to get into it, and breaking it open would be pointless and stupid. Then, the box would open after the x amount of time has passed. But I would want you to call me in order to get your new instructions going forward. Will I, or won’t I, let you cum?

Why I Believe in the Power of Chastity

Control the cock – control the man. It’s really as simple as that. And what benefit is it to me long distance? It’s a power-trip really.  Your cock becomes mine. I own it, I control it, and knowing you’re not jerking off as much as you used to or fucking your girl. Oh yeah – I’m one of those Mistresses – I like to go in and control your cock away from her.  It’s not that I’m trying to break up a relationship – but clearly – what are you doing with me and giving your cock to me anyway, right? She should have had that control in the first place.

What You Can Get Out of Chastity

My guy says it gives him crazy energy and motivates him to get stuff done. Well, how is this beneficial to me? For starters, I hate to clean. I live in an immaculate home so I do it if I have to – but why would I? I have a guy here who I can lock up and he’s willing to work for anything to get that chance to be released from this chastity device wrapped around his cock that he will do anything.  And I mean, anything. Including cleaning – which he hates more than a root canal. Plus, he gets to serve me because he loves going down on me – and he truly is the BEST at this. I get this at least 3 times a week, if not more.

Are You Up for the Chastity Challenge?

So now that I have offered a solution to the key holding – putting it in a timed locked box – are you up for the challenge? If so, just ask me where to find this on Amazon and I will be happy to share the link with you. Once you get it and you already have a chastity device (if you need help selecting which one to go with – just ask me and we’ll discuss what I think is best for you based on size, etc), then, we’ll get you started. I’ll also send out daily tasks if you pay for an email package and call at least once a week. Then, we’re all set.

You know where to find me to get started on this exciting journey!

Ms Angelica