Chastity is so crucial to many Mistresses for cock control. Not everyone is into it, but if you are, you’re in luck!

Chastity and Locks

I was off yesterday and did some shopping and trimmed up my hair. A very girly day out! As I was shopping for jeans and some sexy panties, I couldn’t stop thinking of the guy that just locked himself up for me. He did it in such an elaborate way too! He has a site that generates lock codes that go into a safe, and only I have the unlock code. So I kept it somewhere for safe keeping so I can keep him locked up. He’s also in a steel chastity as well, which makes it very tough for him to get out of. I had asked him why he hadn’t chosen silicone, and it was simple: he gets out of it every time and cheats.

The Perfection of Control

I think chastity is the perfect way to submit to a girlfriend, or a Mistress long distance. Especially if you have the right chastity locks. Because we don’t take keys here at LDW, we encourage you to get numbered locks, or to put it somewhere you can’t easily get to it. Maybe a safe, and we can see on Skype whether or not the lock is still in there. Or, freeze it in a 5 gallon jug. In the case of the guy I locked up, he was able to generate a code to get lock it, and I was given a code through a website that will unlock him. So it will be a long time until he is out of it.

Chastity and your Mistress

The interaction between a Mistress and a sub during his being locked is an intense one. It seems that the relationship becomes closer because of the chastity device as if that is what makes the interaction cohesive because of the chastity device. Both, in their own way, cares for the chastity and what happens. Of course, the submissive is much more likely to be obsessed with it and the outcome since he is concerned with being released and getting his reward! I think, as a Mistress, I am much more concerned with owning you. And that’s the way it goes ….

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