I had a call the other day where the guy wanted to be clothed, while I am nude: CFNM .

I felt a lot of power while I was clothed in the fantasy – I was wearing a short skirt, enough to show my luscious behind, and I’d show him flashes of what I really knew he wanted to see, but only for a brief second. He was the one who was naked, and vulnerable to my feminine power.  I was totally into it.

I was in a similar situation when I came home from a get together with my boyfriend one time – and  he got completely naked, thinking we’d have sex. He was kind of drunk, so I was I wasn’t in the mood to have his sloppiness all over me – so, instead, I decided to tease and taunt.  It had been a week or so since we last had sex, so I knew he was overdue for it (well, in his mind at least).  I love to tease and deny, and at that time – he didn’t know that slightly vindictive power I held. lol   So, I stay clothed for the most part and had him go down on me. As a cruel joke, I took a picture of him on his camera phone as he was beneath me, his cock poking out, and sent it to his close friends on his phone list.  I know they teased him for weeks about that thereafter.

Yes I am a spoiled princess bitch, and I do love it.  Men don’t deserve to have sex everytime they want to – simple as that.

Why am I a princess and why do I give myself such entitlement? Because – I know I am attractive, I know that my sexuality is the key everyone wants to hold – but I don’t give it to everyone.  If I did, I wouldn’t be such a princess now, would I?

If any of you are up for a mean, erotic, dominating, fun phone sex call – you know where to find me! I’m Princess Angelica – princess of your desires. 😉

M Angelica