It seems I have got a rash of calls from some very horny boys as of late.  I think when  they call me, they think I’m inexperienced, or that I am somehow not a dominatrix because I am 24. Au contraire.  Since I was a little girl, I always knew how to get what I wanted from the older men around me. Girls like me learn at a very young age that it’s easy to turn on the charm to get candy and now I realize I still use those skills to get BIGGER candy.  Plus, I do love to toy with older men. I think, because I am young – there is something so powerful about taking down an older man to his knees with just the sight of my short skirt.

Anyway, I think a lot of my guys who call don’t really know me.  My hobbies include exercising (swimming) – if you call that a hobby. I also love to write.  I like writing stories and I love living in the fantasy realm.  Which is why I do phone sex .  What better way to really live out your fantasy but to do it with someone else who enjoys it as much as I do?  Getting paid to do it is a bonus!

Speaking of fantasy – I love to go to the movies. I think I have seen every movie that is out – just about.  Last year, I watched the movie by Spike Lee called Girl 6 – it’s about phone sex operators, but I felt it was a very poor portrayal of them. He made them seem like they were weak and desperate, and wove themselves in a door corner of their apartment never to return to reality again.  I didn’t find it uplifting at all.  Phone sex is a necessary evil, but a fun evil at that!

If anyone has any questions for me – please leave them in the comment section – I will be happy to answer any question you may have on your minds! Until then, call me for a good cock stroking session, or if you like to suck cock – you can call me for that too 🙂

Later Jerk Offs – Angelica