I just got off a 2 girl call with Victoria where we were bleeding Mr. Wanker dry.  Mr. Wanker likes to wank and have bitchy women! Well, he sure met his match with the both of us! We giggled and laughed and his balls turned a bright blue … maybe even purple … like a plum.  It was very funny and we had a good time.

I have not been around a lot because the weather here has been amazing, and I’ve been taking off to go enjoy it.  But this week, it’s time to be a bad girl and stay in and take your phone sex calls because I want to hear what kind of naughty adventures you all have embarked on lately. I can just imagine.  Sissies dressing up in a scantily clad fashion,  guys who love to be cock controlled checking out the beach beauties as you slip away and wank your cock and edge yourself.  Cuckolded guys watching as their wives or girlfriends are fucking their stud of the summer.  There is a lot that goes on during the summer time and it’s all sooo sexy.

So take a break and give me a call and tell me what has been up. I want to hear allll about it and I want to see how things have been going for you.

I will be around all weekend to take your phone sex calls, so pick up the phone and dial!!  Talk to you soon!

M Angelica