Good morning loves!

Well, here in California, we are in further lockdown. Which is strange for the summer, by now, I’m hopping around my favorite places but can’t do that anymore. So between you and my lovers – you guys are keeping me sane! I hope I am keeping you sane as well.

So I gave you an update over the spring as to what I was doing. I was locked down with a hunk of a guy. That was fun but if you do anything for too long, it gets monotonous. So, I’ve been directing my focus on you all. I’ve been training, training, training.

How Does Mistress Angelica Train?

A multitude of ways. Sissification, cock control, chastity and in the art of BDSM – whatever your little kinky heart may desire. I have lots of tools in my tool box and this is what I was born for.  Now in my personal life, I cuckold, I do strap on play and I’ve got quite a few stories to tell on how I live my life day to day. Cuckolding is one of my passions, but, as for any Mistress – we usually love to dominate in many ways.

A Day in the Life of a Mistress

Well, my day in the life has changed considerably. I used to go to the beach, but now I watch beach scenes on youtube – LOL. So, now, I usually my boyfriend here and sometimes he wakes me up by licking my pussy. Isn’t that nice? And then, he will go and make the coffee and make sure I have a nice bowl of fruit ready to eat with yogurt. Then, depending on my mood, I will either take a bath or a shower. If it’s a bath, my boyfriend draws it for me. If it’s a shower, he makes sure a towel is waiting for me. What’s lovely is, I don’t necessarily have to ask him to do these things – he does it because he wants to. The thing is, he LOVES that I cuckold him. He loves that I take a strap on to him (He seriously looks at this as a reward system). I think he loves to work for it.  There are weekends he stays in chastity – but we play with that off and on. If I choose to, sometimes I keep him in it for days, or at most – weeks.

So my question for you is:  what is the life of a sub in lockdown? Are you able to do the things you love if you are in a lockdown state? I’d love to know.

M. Angelica