Wow, I have been so busy and having too much fun! The months sped past and here I am finally updating again!

Well, I hit the beach a lot this summer and especially the last couple of weekends before it starts getting a little more chilly. I can tell you that I have fun teasing the boys in my bikini, and I ran into some guys who reminds me of some of my callers. I get all kinds of calls, teasing and denial, cuckold, cross dressing and I have ran the gamut! But what sticks out more to me than anyone are the cock suckers because, well, I noticed them on the beach this past summer. Oh yeah! lol

So here I am – walking down the beach or laying on my towel and I had, on a few occasions, a guy sitting across the way who was not checking ME out, but checking out the hot guys on the beach. I’d watch their eyes and I would see that they were staring right at their crotch, then, scanning their eyes over their bronzed bodies and muscles. All the while, hot women are walking the beach and not once did I see that cocksucking demographic look their way!   It makes me laugh. There is a big difference between cock suckers and guys who are actually checking me out! Because the men who are checking me out have blinders to the other guys around them. All they see is ass and tits and they are drooling.

Oh you cock suckers – you make me laugh so much. Call me and tell me what hot guys you have been dreaming of lately….

M. Angelica