Cock teasing is what is on my mind. This whole summer has been all about me teasing boys and leaving them panting. I was at the beach a few times this summer – can you imagine me in a bikini? It’s a sight to see especially when I see a bunch of men on the beach with a parachute in their pants. It just makes me laugh because some of them are so small…. then, some, – wow – are very big. Nonetheless, I love to tease them – all of them. I think you can tease anyone if you get into their heads enough. I’ve been guilty of teasing sissies, cuckolds, and all sorts of manly men who think they can get with this! As my name implies, I can be spoiled – and before I even think about letting you have an orgasm – I love to put you through your paces. Not only that – doesn’t it feel so GOOD when I do finally cock tease you into a sweet submission and then you can finally orgasm. When I finally let you cum – you know it was worth it. Look you came to – me. My voice. My looks. And I blew your mind…..

Oh my sweet little men – give me that chance to cover you in my seduction – teasing you and making you pant, beg, moan.

Keep in mind my angel faces – I can see you on skype. SpoiledAngelica is my skype ID. AND I also tease online at

Your cockteasing Mistress – Angelica