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Sploshing – What is THAT?

Sploshing, now that’s a word you don’t hear everyday right? So what is it exactly? And before I get into what it is, be aware that I do get calls in this, and I find it oddly fun.

What is Sploshing?

Imagine you have a cake sitting in front of you. A nice, sweet, velvety chocolate cake. You know it will taste good, but you begin to wonder – how would this feel smashed all over my body? In fact, why don’t I get 5 chocolate cakes and some twinkles for good measure, and throw that all in the bathtub then climb in and feel all that gooey mess in the bathtub.  That, ladies and gentleman, is sploshing.

But Why?

Why would anyone want to smash sweets on their body? Well why not? We all have our thing. I’ve always wanted to know how it would feel to bathe in jello. I think it’s a different sensation and sometimes fetishists crave different experiences. Plus getting messy can be fun in that way.

How do I Begin?

So are you interested in sploshing? If so, how do you begin? Get a few cakes from the bakery – or bake your own. Throw them in the tub, and call me. Really. It’s as simple as that. I will then instruct you on what to do. Sploshing can also be integrated with other kinky activities such as guided masturbation, cock control, even wearing panties when you enter into the tub. Sky is the limit.

If you need more guidance on how to begin your sploshing adventure – email me and I will be glad to guide you right through!

Mistress Angelica

Feminization and Lingerie

Feminization – it’s all about sexy, lingerie, and all things nice.

Feminization and Panties

I always think panties are a good start to feminization. It is the gateway article of clothing. Once you start wearing panties, then you graduate to other types of clothes I have found. I went and did some shopping last . . . → Read More: Feminization and Lingerie

Medical Fetish

I would make a sexy nurse. That’s why I like the medical fetish!

So What is the Medical Fetish?

A medical fetish is a kinky fantasy of going to the doctor, and getting prodded, probed, stuck and tested in various ways. I had a call yesterday where a man came in and was given an . . . → Read More: Medical Fetish

Mistress Day Coming Soon!

Mistress day! What is that?

For every completed paid call you do your name will be entered into a drawing. We will randomly select from all those who called to receive one free call the equivalent to their longest call done during Mistress day up to 60 minutes.

Event will go from 12:01am – 11:59pm on February 13, 2017

The more you . . . → Read More: Mistress Day Coming Soon!

Orgasm – How Long can you live without it?

Orgasm. Such a great feeling, isn’t it? An orgasm was issued yesterday as a result of my loss of a bet. His team won!! I can’t believe it.

Now if I was a bad Mistress, I could have turned the tables on him and told him that he couldn’t cum, but, I wanted to . . . → Read More: Orgasm – How Long can you live without it?