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Big Black Cock

Just the sound of big black cock sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Well, later tonight, your Mistress Angelica will be partaking in that! I have a plan to fuck a nice big black cock in front of my boyfriend (who I cuckold). It’s actually been awhile since we have been experimenting with other sexy adventures.

Do You Love Big Black Cock?

Just yesterday, I got a call from one of my regulars who I have spoke to for years, I’ll call him “A”.  A loves big black cock and obsesses over it. From the sounds of it, his girlfriend cuckolds him and loves BBC as well. Sounds like we have a lot in common. A has acknowledged that because he has a small “white man” penis, as he calls it, that white men should succumb to the black man cock.

Now, I will say this, I have seen some big white cock just as much as I have seen big black cock. But I agree with the fascination of the BBC because of how it looks against my white skin.

Would You Let Her?

So say your wife comes to you and says, baby, I have been really wanting a BBC for so long after watching a porn video I saw, and I really want to be with a big black cock.

What would you say? Would you be shocked? Not shocked? And more importantly would you let her? I think the idea of “letting her” is hysterical anyway. If my man did not “let” me, I would do it anyway. I guess what I am getting at is – how would you feel about it?

Some guys are so insanely jealous, it’s laughable. But perhaps you  are not. Perhaps you realize you don’t measure up to satisfying your woman. And perhaps you would be there to even watch …

Would you?

Mistress Angelica

Chronic Masturbation

Chronic masturbation is a term I hear a lot about. Since my last post on tease and denial, I had a chronic masturbator that wanted me to make it worse.

And worse I made it.

He says he only masturbates once a day – I told him to increase it by three times a . . . → Read More: Chronic Masturbation

Teasing You

Teasing and Denial

I may not blog about it very often, but I do love teasing and denial. I find it to be very exciting and just yesterday, I had the hottest tease and denial call to date.

What is Hot about Teasing and Denial?

I think it is the unknown of you not . . . → Read More: Teasing You

Cuckolding and You

Cuckolding has always been a topic of fascination for me, and it’s mainly because I have been cuckolding for awhile now.

This morning I had a great cuckolding call involving someone who is relatively new to it – three weeks in. Prior to that, his wife had been cheating on him.

What Would You . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and You

Happy Phone Sex Year!

Oh, phone sex! Since I do work in the phone sex industry, I intend on making it the best year ever. I have refined my craft to make you ache, cum, beg and come back wanting more.

Phone Sex is Your Therapy

It really is. I find a lot of guys have stressful jobs . . . → Read More: Happy Phone Sex Year!