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Angelic Blonde Mistresses Have More Fun

Out of all the Mistresses, you would choose, wouldn’t you choose a blonde? Especially one with the word angel in her name.

Blonde Mistresses Have More Fun

It’s true. We do. We are blonde, but we look at fun in a different sort of way. We like to do bondage and spank you, and maybe even cock tease you until your balls turn blue. Then, we will laugh about it as we drink a glass of champagne. Its all in a good day of fun, right?  I would like to cock tease you as I’m drinking a glass of champagne.

What Type of Mistress Do You Like?

I’ve been asked many times what kind of stress I am. I am the kind that is strict, yet fun. There are moments I can be sensual if the time calls for it. Submissives often adapt to me, but submissives also come in a variety of flavors! They can be sensual themselves, or they might need a lot of discipline.

Cock Teasing is One Of My Faves

Just this morning, I cock teased the hell out of a guy while he watched porn. So I have to say this is one of my favorites – although I have done all kinds of calls that I enjoy. Making balls blue is my specialty. I mean, have you seen my ass? It’s to get blue-balled over. LOL

I do enjoy cuckold too. I think cock teasing and cuckoldry go hand in hand. Can you just imagine? I’m sure you can…

Ms Angelica

A Mistress for Christmas

What would you like for Christmas? Wouldn’t a Mistress be nice?

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for …

Domination! This is the best time to let yourself go.  Why am I talking about Christmas so early especially since Thanksgiving hasn’t passed yet? Priorities! And you have to have priorities to set. . . . → Read More: A Mistress for Christmas

Sissy Duties

As a sissy, have you ever thought about how you can serve a Mistress?  What are your goals for serving your Mistress, and what should they be?

How You Can Be a Better Sissy for Your Mistress

There are several things you can do to be a better sissy for your Mistress. One is . . . → Read More: Sissy Duties

CBT: Are You a Pain Slut?

CBT is cock and ball torture, not to be confused with cognitive behavioral therapy. I giggle though because I can see the two working in conjunction with one another somehow!

Are You into a Pain Slut into CBT?

CBT is an art in of itself because you need the tools, a Mistress to talk . . . → Read More: CBT: Are You a Pain Slut?

A Mistress’ Purpose

A Mistress is there for you for a multitude of reasons. There are also some things a dominant woman will NOT fulfill.

Reasons You Need a Mistress

There are many reasons you might call on a dominant woman. First things first, you are a submissive and are unable to find a dominant woman in . . . → Read More: A Mistress’ Purpose