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The Summer of Big Black Cock

Oh yes, I can feel it cumming in the air tonight …. I have this summer lined up many guys I date who are, of course, black. And not just black guys, BIG black guys.  A couple of them I have been with before … but there are a couple I haven’t been with yet and therein is the excitement.

I love new unexplored territory of cock. Every cock I have been with has been different and unique. But, the big black cock — that’s  a no brainer. It’s like choosing the rich, expensive chocolate versus the cheaply made version. It just tastes better. And it certainly feels better going in!

And you? Do you love BBC? Have you been cuckolded recently?  I personally believe that every little cock needs to be cuckolded. I have actually spoke with some of you, and you really do think that you are good enough in the cock department. Really? You think 5 inches does the trick? I don’t care what your girlfriend tells you – she certainly is imagining herself with someone bigger, and if you were really smart, you would check her nightstand table to find that much bigger dildo awaiting you. Oh yes. It’s true.

Little cocks can’t go on this ride.

The sooner you learn that the better…..

But on to my summer voyage of swimming in big black cock. Yeah. I can’t wait. And I bet you can’t wait to hear all about it…..

Ms Angelica


Humiliation and Skype

Hi boys!

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been super busy. But I do have to tell you about some fun things I’ve witnessed lately on Skype …. I love humiliating you on cam.. and lately, OH MY GOD! I’ve been laughing so hard at the things I’ve been witnessing lately.  Just the other day, . . . → Read More: Humiliation and Skype

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone!

I had a fantastic holiday season and am looking forward to a very bright 2016. I hope you are as well!  I got a lot of cuckolding in during the holiday season and spent a lot of time with a couple of lovers that I like to spend time with. Mmmmm, they . . . → Read More: Happy New Year!

Spoiled Hot Wife

I will get married someday to my boyfriend – I don’t know when exactly, and that is to be determined, but, I already know how our lives are going to be because we are living it now! You see, I’m basically a spoiled princess and a future hot wife. I cuckold my boyfriend, so . . . → Read More: Spoiled Hot Wife

Big Black Cock

I knew that would get your attention!  Well I realized I haven’t blogged much this summer and that’s because I’ve been sexually busy. Yes. Sexually busy. Very busy.  This summer, I found a lover who is of African-American variety and looks like a model. In fact, he kind of looks like that sexy criminal . . . → Read More: Big Black Cock