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Cross Dressing in Your Girl’s Clothes

Just this morning I got a guy who was cross dressing in his wives’ clothes. Why is it you choose your girl’s clothes over buying your own?

Cross Dressing and The Saga

Lots of callers call in and have been wearing their girl’s clothes. So why don’t they buy their own? Storage and hiding, of course. A while back, I had a cross dresser who often bought his things, then stored his stuff in a locker room in a town in California. In fact, the storage place catered to cross dressers and even had a built in hair salon for the cross dressers who were trying to pass as realistically as women as possible. They had no place to store all their kinky sex toys, feminine clothing among other things.

How to Store Feminine Clothes

Try to find a cedar chest to store all your feminine clothes and lock it up and put it in the garage, in the attic or in the basement with all your other valuables. I know lots of husband and boyfriends who hide their stash in the house they share. It’s imperative that if you have to hide your cross dressing side from your wife, then find a good safe place. You can always rent a storage facility in town to dress and hide away certain belongings.

Do Not Purge!

Whatever you do, don’t purge your feminine clothing! Do you know why? ¬†You will end up caving in a few weeks, months or whatever timeline and you’ll get the urge to cross dress again. Then, you’ll have to buy all new clothes again. If you do this once a year, you have dented your wardrobe significantly, and your wallet. It’s best to keep. It’s best to keep them hidden, that way, even when you do not want to dress or be part of it – you know you can hide it from your sight until you are ready again. (Don’t kid yourself, you know you will be).

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